Six Year Post Op Appreciation ♥️

Hello all, about time I post something after months of half started blogs (I write for the 158th time) If this post ends up on your feed it’s a Christmas miracle. Today marks 6 years since my brain tumour biopsy at Addenbrookes. I genuinely cannot believe it has been 6 years already, the time hasContinue reading “Six Year Post Op Appreciation ♥️”

Location, Location, Location

I’ve been a little bit slow on the blog front lately, I just haven’t had the energy since being back to work properly. Who knew being sat at your bedroom desk all day could be so tiring?? So bear with me, this may take a few days… December, 2015 Let’s rewind back to Christmas, I’dContinue reading “Location, Location, Location”

Where did it all begin? Part 1

Everything is just one big blur. I have these random memories that I try to suppress. The initial diagnosis period took 10 months, I was tested left right and centre. All it would have taken was an MRI scan. Just one scan! But I guess you could say my symptoms didn’t present in the normalContinue reading “Where did it all begin? Part 1”

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